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Strategy thinking and Innovation

Learning how to think more broadly, deeply and systematically is critical to developing business strategy. We use researched methodologies tools and techniques. Our approach teaches leaders to be more analytical, draw sound conclusions and make strategic choices that accelerate business growth. However, strategy is only as good as the execution that supports it. New thinking brings new strategies that must be executed to produce results. Understand the skills that characterize strategic thinking—from examining situations to interpreting information—and how to apply those skills on the job. 

Practicing and understanding the key questions to answer in the right context is critical.

Having the right environment to develop with your colleagues who are rich with different personalities and outlook to input based on a way forward agenda.

  • Are you ready to think in a way that yields innovation and focus to the work in hand?
  • Do you have a process that develops your strategy in such away that everyone can execute it?
  • Is everybody's' job in your company include strategy or implementing the strategic goals?

If the answer to these questions is No come and join us to enrich your knowledge

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • You chart a course for your group that aligns with the overall corporate strategy.
  • You make smart long-term decisions that complement and align with decisions that others in your organization are making.
  • You gain your employees' commitment to supporting your decisions.
  • You boost your group's performance and maximize business results.
  • You foster a culture that supports fresh thinking and embraces strategic initiative. 
  • Seeing the big picture—understanding the broader business environment in which you operate 
  • Clarifying strategic objectives—determining what you hope to achieve by thinking strategically 
  • Identifying relationships, patterns, and trends—spotting patterns across seemingly unrelated events, and categorizing related information to reduce the number of issues you must grapple with at one time
  • Thinking creatively—generating alternatives, visualizing new possibilities, challenging your assumptions, and opening yourself to new information 
  • Analyzing information—sorting out and prioritizing the most important information while making a decision, managing a project, handling a conflict, and so forth Prioritizing your actions—staying focused on your objectives while handling multiple demands and competing priorities 
  • Making trade-offs—recognizing the potential advantages and disadvantages of an idea or course of action, making choices regarding what you will and won't do, and balancing short- and long-term concerns 

Day 1

Lesson 1:  Strategic Thinking Overview

Lesson 2 Defining Characteristics of Strategic Thinkers

Lesson 3: Strategic Thinking as a Process

Lesson 4: Seeing the Big Picture

Lesson 5: Clarifying Strategic Objectives

Lesson 6: Identifying relationships, patterns and trends


Day 2 

Lesson 7: Thinking Creatively

Lesson 8: Analysing Information

Lesson 9: Preparing your Actions

Lesson 10: Making Trade Offs

Appendix A: Practice - Scenario part 1-3

Appendix B: Exercise - Debono’s Six Thinking Hats 

Appendix C: Case Study -Serco Balance Score Card


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